Spring Time...

I love this time of year. In the garden we have been concentrating on starting off our veggie patch. In my eagerness to learn about growing fruits and vegtables I bought a lovely looking gardening book from the 1950s. All of our window sills are crowded with pots of seedlings which are showered daily with TLC (so very different from DDT which the gardening book recommended). In the veggie patch the leaves of the potato plants are just poking through the soil as are the vibrant green shoots of the onions.

In all of this excitement it is so easy to forget to really look around. But when we did we found this beautiful Snakes Head Fritillary.

We planted a few bulbs a couple of years ago. I think they may be one of my very favourite flowers. The petals are impossibly beautiful they do look as though they have been painted. I would love to see great banks of them, I only wish they multiplied in the way of Snow Drops and Blue Bells so instead we will stock up on more bulbs. This way our garden can feed our eyes as well as our bellies.

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Dee said...

We have these in our garden too, they're lovely.