Moulin Rouge Art-ccordion Picture Book

Here's my new Art-ccordion Picture Book 'Moulin Rouge'. I love the cover of this one! It is covered with a beautiful Japanese paper and coated with a glossy resin finish. Set in the resin are coral pink vintage flowers.
We honeymooned in Paris so it is an extra special place for us. This book harks back to the hay days for the Moulin Rouge.

Inside the back cover hangs a tiny silver coloured key.
Have a lovely weekend!


La Donna Welter said...

A beautiful book! I stopped by to say thank you for the follow, and I found your wonderful blog! : )

Hand Knitted Things said...

Thought I'd visit your blog and leave a comment. Arrived here and was spoilt for choice so many lovely pictures and posts - really like the colour combinations on this piece though. Also like your blog header very eye catching and interesting with lovely details. I like the mix of crafty things here and other things like the book review and book list. Added you to my blogs "things interesting" so others can vistit here and I have an easy way to find my way back to read more. Thanks Julia

Leigh Shepherd said...

Thank you Julia! I have added your blog to my list too. I love your summery capes, I told a friend about them today.
Thank you for stopping by :)