Haworth 1940s weekend

Here in Haworth preparations are under way for the 1940s weekend. This year it will be held on the 16th and 17th of May. It really takes over the whole village! You can see lots of photos by clicking here There is so much to see, hundreds of people visit over the two days many wearing 1940s clothes. Vintage vehicles are all around the village, there will be a fly over, the home guard set up road blocks, and soldiers march the streets. There are dance events in the evenings which are selling out fast!
The shop owners wear 1940s dress and there will be lots of vintage clothing and memorabilia on sale.

This year I have been asked to make a series of 1940s Art-ccordion Picture Books.

Each book contains original 1940s imagery including advertisments, pictures, buttons, coins and music

Blue Birds
This pic shows a close up of the locket set in the cover of the book. The locket is half open and contains a photo of a young man.

40s Fashion
Set in the cover of this book are vintage buttons, pins and original hook and eye fastenings. The photo below, one of my favourites, shows a page from the book. It is from a film showing a man drawing a seam line on the woman's leg - stockings were hard to come by!


All of the images in here are from 1940s magazine ads. You know how we complain about the nonsense that is touted to young women today? It seems it was no different then! Try 'SLIM on the famous BREAD AND BUTTER DIET with the National Slimming Campaign (?!) I had great fun putting this together!
Glamour (cover)
All of the books pictured here are for sale at Oh La La vintage boutique.

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'fancypicnic' said...

What a fascinating project to be involved in! You must have been far too busy enjoying sifting through the ephemera to do any creating! That would be me, anyway - reading everything I uncovered!
The accordian books look wonderful, and I love the half-open locket treasure on the cover x