Craft Business Heroes

I'm sure you will have seen this book mentioned on lots of other blogs. I've been meaning to post about it for a couple of months but there you go! If you are a regular visitor here you will know I'm not the most prolific blogger :/ I don't tend to read 'how to' type business books or guides and I can promise that this book won't try to provide a formula for how to set up or move on your business. I found it far more interesting than than that!
       Craft Business Heroes by Alison McNicol
(I should mention here that you can't 'click to look inside' because I don't know how to make the picture into a live link - see if I blogged more often I'd probably have figured out how to do that by now)

The book is a series of 30 interviews with successful designer makers. They describe how they set up their businesses, the challenges they faced and how they have moved on. I found the whole book very inspiring - and its goods to know that I'm moving in the right direction! I admit that I found the interviews with British makers such as Kate Hamilton Hunter and Poppy Treffry more interesting than the US makers simply because I'm more familiar with the set up here. When makers used jargon related to selling their products at trade events and how to work out trade and retail pricing I didn't always know what the US makers were referring to,maybe a  glossary would have helped. I also preferred the more direct way the British makers answered the questions but that didn't really detract from a really absorbing read.
I read the whole book in a day but I keep going back and dipping into it. If you haven't already read it I'd really recommend you give it a bash x

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