Surrealism Art Book Workshop

I've just spent a great day at a high school / college in Bradford working with a group of Btec students.The aim was for each student to create an art book on the theme of Surrealism. The first photo montage below is of books produced by myself and the course tutor.We encouraged the group to look at Surrealist paintings and provided a large and eclectic range of objects and images to inspire their work. Everyone was given a blank book box as a starting point.
The following groups of images are the books produced by the students. Not all of them are finished but they give you a very good idea of how the finished pieces will look. I was really impressed by the way everyone took on the brief and went about illustrating their ideas. It was a huge task to tackle in one day but no one seemed to be too worried about that!
It is great to see how many wierd and wonderful ideas everyone came up with! Babies on a washing line, a sofa with lion feet, the Titanic sinking in a bath tub, an upside down living room.... Dali had nothing on this lot!
I hope I've managed to include everyone. If any of the workshop students see this and I've missed your work off or it wasn't ready to be photographed please ask Miss to email me a photo and I'll happily add it to this blog post, thanks ever so much for a lovely day and I wish you all every success for your future x

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