It always seems to work this way doesn't it? I really wasn't looking to buy new shoes. I very rarely wear shoes, especially not heels - I'm usually in boots or flip flops. But when I saw these I just loved them! I love the vintage style, rounded toes and cross bar straps, right down to the golden paisley insole. They even have butterflies on the soles:)

And all this for £20 now I couldn't have left without these could I?

On another note, if you are in the area it is the Saltaire Arts Trail Makers' Fair this Saturday and Sunday. Please say hello if you are passing:)


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Cool shoes. FLIP FLOPS are a BLIGHT on the world of FASHION!!! I soo wish they woudl fade away as a fad...but saddly, I fear they are hear to stay. remember when people would pay hundreds of dollars of the latest in high tech shoes? Nike must be pulling their hair out for desinging those shoes when people woull rather wear a chunk of foam with two straps punched thru it.

GUGAW said...

ooh very cute shoes :D