A Good Day!

At the weekend I attended the Saltaire Arts Trail Makers' Fair. It was a great two days! Sales were good, the people very friendly and the atmosphere was just lovely.

The venue was Victoria Hall which is a really grand building:

There were musicians playing throughout the day which made the day even more festive!

Despite a very busy day I met some really creative, talented people. Hugh Leighman is a woodturner who makes the most beautiful pieces, you can visit his site here

See the pale coloured choppping boards in this picture? I could see them from my stall. I could also see them disappearing before my eyes! So I have one now sitting in my kitchen. It is a truly beautiful thing. It looks pebble smooth and it really is. When my little girl saw it she actually rubbed her cheek against it. Thats exactly what I wanted to do when I saw them for sale. Strange what you can get away with at 3 that just won't fly at 35.

Hugh also told me about a Crafts and Peace Fair organised by Yorkshire CND, this takes place on Saturday 15th November at Victoria Hall. Following a great weekend I didn't want to miss this so tis booked already!

Next time I will show you my other little purchase:)

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