I popped into Sainsburys supermarket today for a few bits of groceries. On my way out I noticed they were selling a Canon 400D (known as the Rebel XTi in the US).
I have been lusting after this camera for a lonnng time.
I've seen it for sale in various places and at different prices. Most recently I saw it in an electrical store for £420.
But today it was on sale for £299 yep, £299.
It is now mine!!!
They also reluctantly included a camera bag priced at £39.99 which was mistakenly included in the offer.
It is a very beautiful thing. It is also the most expensive trip to the supermarket I have ever made.
I may not be allowed to go there again. But I care not a jot I will be busy taking photos.
So if you are near a Sainsburys in the next few days it might be worth checking out:)


GUGAW said...

ooh that is horribly horribly tempting.....

congrats on the bargain find!

Twisted said...

Congrats on the awesome find!

FetishGhost said...



Alas, the trip across the Atlantic, let alone the continent, would likely offset the savings. But what a fun trip to the supermarket it would be!!!

Great find and don't sprain your shutter release finger !!!