I can hardly believe...

September is here already!

I'm not going to whinge about the weather, it has been pretty wet the last two months, so we have just had to be a bit more creative in keeping everyone entertained.

We have spent a few days in the garden, dodging showers, and dashing out to play when we can.

Just yesterday when I was picking peas my husband found this wee frog. It was way too wet for the kids to come outside so nature went to them!
I love the inquisitive look on his face (no, not the frog's face).


PAC said...

What an adorable capture! I know..I can't believe its September already as well!!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Cute shot! We have 8 frogs ourselves as pets...it can be a lifelong fascination/hobby if you don't watch out! (*smile)