Cliff Top Break

We had a week away earlier this month, it was wonderful, exactly what we all needed. We were staying at St Abbs Head in the Scottish Borders. I can honestly say its my favourite place we've ever visited, it had  really big impact on me.
We rented an apartment for a week which is part of the white house behind the lighthouse in the photo above. All of the lighthouse buildings have been converted into holiday rents ranging from a one room 'bovey' to a 2 bedroom cottage. This all sounds grander than it actually is, but when I first saw the place I couldn't believe we could afford to stay there! Its the location that really took my breath away.
The headland is one of the most important seabird nesting sites in Europe.  At the beginning of the nesting season there are over 30,000 guillemots nesting on the cliffs below. At this time of year we saw guillemots, hundreds of kittiwakes and gannets.

 Its a very wild bit of coast but so many plants thrive on the cliffs and in the lighthouse walls, the colours are stunning.

We spent lots of time exploring the cliffs and enjoying the spectacular sea views. Its almost always windy up there but when inside its really hard to appreciate just how windy it might be - there aren't any trees or bushes up at the head so until you stand outside its hard to judge. We were treated to all weathers, these photos were taken a day apart, the first one when the rain eased off....

 It was a really relaxing week, visiting the fish merchant in Eyemouth to buy dinner or having lunch at the fantastic Oblo, feeding seals in the harbour, exploring the rock pools at Coldingham Bay and walking around Cove harbour hunting for sea pottery and shells.

 Just writing all of this down is making me want to go back. I love our home and living in Haworth but I'd really love to live by the sea one day too. This photo really draws me in....

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