More sorting...

Sice sorting out my workspace a couple of weeks ago we have been doing bits and pieces to other parts of the house. Previously we have toyed with the idea of moving house but we feel alot more settled here now. So since we are going to stay put a while longer we have been looking at how we can make better use of the rooms.
We all like to spend time in the kitchen so we have started in here. After spending a silly amount of time looking for shelves that fit this little nook I built these myself. Built is overstating it a bit - I got the wood cut to size from the local wood yard and just stacked it between the bricks. Now I can find the jars when I need them instead of scrabbling around in the cupboard.
We have lived here for about three and a half years and all that time lamented not having a kitchen table because we didn't think we could fit one in. But it turns out we can :) We moved the butchers block thingy into my workspace (more work surface for me :) and mapped out the size of table we needed. Then we trawled around antique / junk shops til we found what we wanted and could afford.
This was a complete bargain!! I'm told its Victorian, I know its solid, and just what we wanted but didn't think we could afford.
All four of us can sit round it using two chairs and two stools but it can extend to seat six. The top lifts out, the side panels pull out, then the top slots back.

Why didn't we do this 3 years ago? I wonder how many other things we could do like this!
Have a lovely holiday weekend. We are spending ours in the kitchen.


Swirlyarts said...

It's amazing how long it can take to get round to doing something isn't it? Life just gets in the way!

Laura Johnson said...


Thanks for your kind new home wishes!

Am still on the hunt for a new table, but can I work wonders like you? Hmm, not sure!