Service disrupted

by snow, snow and more snow.
I must admit I love it! I understand it has become a complete pain in the bum for lots of people though. To be honest because we both work from home the only problems we have encountered is trying to get out to visit the supermarket - very icy roads - and delays with post being delivered. The pic below is of our local park. My daughter's school closed for a day this week so we took the opportunity to go play for a bit. It was absolutely beautiful!

Then yesterday when school reopened this chap was there to great the children.
Isn't he fab! He stands 6 feet tall, outside the caretaker's house near the school entrance. All the kids love him, and the snowman:)


Swirlyarts said...

Cool snowman :)

Heather Leavers said...

Wonderful! I got quite cross with the newsreader yesterday, whining about how inconvenient it was for parents to have their kids at home - it's great to see snowmen being made!

Leigh Shepherd said...

He's great isn't he?
Niftyknits - I know just what you mean, the Christmas holidays flew by so it was nice to have extra time with the kids. Yep, we missed some work time but they aren't little for long!