New Start

Happy New Year, may the best of your 2009 be the worst of your 2010!

We have had a lovely family Christmas, a white Christmas too which made it extra magical:)

And now its time to get back to work. There was a time when I dreaded the end of the holiday but now I'm working for myself I look forward to it. I've been making lists for myself and planning goals in spare moments over the past few days. As soon as the children are back at pre-school and school I can hide away in my little room and get cracking!

Just before Christmas a customer asked if I could make one of my tile pendants into a brooch for her. We chatted about it and decided that they really looked too small. So I had a little think and suggested a domino piece or draughts piece as an alternative. I tried them out and I really like them, and so did she!

With only two more craft events left before Christmas I took some along with me and they sold really well. So here's a few to show to you, they are now available in the shop

Your comments are very much appreciated, so please let me know what you think:)


Dig The Earth said...

They look fantastic Leigh! I really like the draughts pieces, what a great idea :D Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2010!

Swirlyarts said...

Happy New Year! Love the brooches - they compliment the rest of your work nicely.

Andrea Paulie said...

happy new year!! I LOVE the booches they look fab! :-) x

Hand Knitted Things said...

Hi! Happy New Year! I really like this idea especially the dominos ( I like the draughts too). I particularly like the two at the bottom of the picture, interesting shape and a change from circular pieces.

Best regards


Leigh Shepherd said...

Thanks everyone:) I'm planning some vintage photo designs too. I'll post pics as soon as they are ready. I love reading comments left here!
Leigh x

Beautifully Recreated said...

Love them. What a fabulously creative idea. I am inspired!!!!