New ideas in my little cottage industry...

This is definitely a day to be spent inside! The pic below was taken yesterday. Today its cold and very icy so we didn't want to venture out too far.
I have been itching to have a bit of time to work on my new painting blocks. So this afternoon I managed to get a few ready for painting tonight. I'm so pleased with them, I cut all of the wood on Sunday and today I rounded the corners,sanded them 'til they are pebble smooth and prepared the paint surface with linen paper.

How was this achieved with a nearly 2 and a 3 year old? Well, I set up a table with lots of covers and set them loose on a tray of cornflower gloop:)

Tis not for the faint hearted or anyone too precious about mess but it really kept them busy, and for much longer than I hoped for! After it did require a bubble bath and it did take a while to clean up (God bless Cbeebies - regardless of all those reports on the tellybox that the tellybox will turn babies brains to mush).
It was great listening to them chatting to each other as they splattered around.
A very productive day.

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Wychbury said...

Brrrr, you're not wrong Leigh! It's grim up north. Spongebob is the opiate of my particular masses, ensures I have 15 mins to myself to get ready every single morning! pxxx