Introducing my new 'Art-ccordion Books'

Finally I have one of my new books ready to show to you.

I have been dreaming, planning and collecting images for these for so long and now here we are.

I intend each book to have a theme and will be made up of all kinds of images linked to this.
I have lots of ideas for more of these and I really enjoy playing around with them.

It is intended that the books will be displayed open on a shelf or mantle. They are designed to be free standing. When closed they are fastened with ribbon.



the cover of this book has a glossy resin finish

which shines beautifully

Untie the ribbon and open the book to reveal,

(view of the inside of the whole book)

(view of the back of the book)

(a note explaining the 'ingredients')
I intend to produce a whole series of 'Art-ccordion' books. But I would really appreciate your feedback. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think:)

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