It's been a while!

Burgundy Petals

It is really nice to sit here and write this and actually understand what I am doing! I have spent the last couple of weeks building my website.

I am not particularly computer savvy but I want a website that I am in control of, that I can update very quickly and at my convienience. I spent a long time deciding on the best way to go. I didn't want to pay someone to design and build it for me as I was unsure of exactly what I wanted 'til I got started! I keep my own erratic work hours, generally very early in the morning, evenings and late nights so I couldn't expect someone to work with me. By chance I stumbled across shopify .

Shopify allows you to create an ecommerce site (online shop) which they host for you. This can be done for free or you can upgrade to various packages for a monthly fee. Adding products is easy. Building the whole thing I haven't found so easy but thats probably just me!

Hopefully over the next few days my shop will be ready for launch!

The most amazing thing is that I have been making sales from it already.

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