6 Days to Go!

Only six days to go 'til my favourite event of the year. For the first time ever the Saltaire Arts Trail will be held in May. Yes, May - please don't forget! I've been dishing out fliers about this for a good few weeks and so many people have commented that I'm really early, or isn't that in September? Nope its in 6 days!!
I'd love to be able to tell you that I'm ready, stock made, stall set up planned, signs printed but I'm not quite there yet! Now if you were to pop over to visit Wychbury, there you will find all sorts going on. Paula, one half of the Wychbury partnership organises the Makers' Fair and has committed to writing a daily diary of a run up to the event, crazy lady, as if she hasn't got enough going on!

Here is a link to the official Arts Trail site please click here
here is a link to the Arts Trail blog with a feature about what I do,

hope to see you next weekend!

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