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So amongst all the chaos of preparing for Christmas fairs and orders the half term holidays were suddenly upon us. We decided to have a few days away to have some family time with the kids. We rented a cottage in Angelsey fully intending to do fun stuff during the day and do some work in the evening when the children were in bed. We packed the laptops - the brochure blurb assured us there was wifi, and I packed up stock so I could carry on filling orders.
The cottage was lovely! It was in a stunning location. I took the photo below from the kitchen / living room window.
About the wifi - we found we couldn't pick it up from our cottage. A note in the manual said that we were welcome to use the computer in the office across the courtyard. I ended up doing this twice a day to keep up to date with orders but other than that we spent more time relaxing than planned - which turned out to be very nice!
Heres where I worked from for the week,
Angelsey is really beautiful. We spent the days walking on the beaches and visiting some lovely little towns and villages. The pic below was the carpark fence near the beach, I was really taken with this! All the way along were engravings of birds, insects and flowers.
I think my favourite place was Beamaris. The castle was amazing, we spent way more time there than I thought we had. The rapscallions loved exploring the grounds and corridors of the castle, littlest Sheps was a bit put out that he didn't see a dragon though. Beamaris is full of lovely little shops and galleries too so we were all very happy.

We made it home for the Haworth Village Halloween Parade which was great fun as always! This year was the busiest I've ever seen it and the people who live on Main Street had really got into the spirit (see what I did there) of things and put up lots of spooky decorations. I was really inpressed with this pumpkin carving!
The parade was led by a witch on stilts, how she managed to get up the cobbled hill I will never know!
The local riding school even took part in the parade with the horses and riders all dressed up - I didn't get a pic though because it was just too crowded.

So thats what we have been up to recently - how about you?

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