Whitby Style

Wow! It's been a while, time flies and all that...

We have had a short break near Whitby, this was a couple of weeks ago now. Since then I have embarked on my very busy craft fair shedule and I've been busy filling orders for custom requests and gallery stock.

But back to the fun stuff! Whitby was great. The weather was unusually mild and dry! So we were able to do lots of walking. We visited beaches every day and collected one or two fossils and lots of sea glass and pottery - I'll save these pics for another post.

The pic below is of a beautiful little place just north of Whitby called Runswick Bay. The cottages were very pretty and as you can see the view is wonderful.
We were in Whitby for the start of the Goth Weekend. We had a great time people watching and lots of people were more than happy to pose for photos. A huge amount of people gather in Whitby over the weekend. Besides the Goths and EMOs were folks from the Victorian Society and the Dracula Society. The clothes were amazing!

Including the shoes...

And these people travel in style! The old hearse below had a glass engine casing - the etching was fantastic.

So that's what we have been up to! Normal service shall resume shortly....

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