My work space has been featured on the Artists in Business Blog

I love taking a peek at where other people create. It has to be said that the vast majority of them put my little corner to shame! There are some fabulous garden room work spaces, converted box rooms, all sorts of things. I really do find them facinating.

If like me you wish to see more there are lots of Flickr groups like this one for instance :)
Apart from coveting other people's studios it's great for picking up storage and display ideas to help improve your own practice, or maybe thats what I tell myself when I'm lusting over beautiful attic/studio conversions when I'm meant to be working.
And speaking of working I have some vintage pin-up / show girl themed Tiny Tile Paintings which are almost ready for the shop I will post pics here soon.

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Unknown said...

Wow some of those rooms look amazing, I am goingto have to go home and tidy mine up. I am furtunate enghough at the moment to have a spare room, but there is fabric cottons and STUFF everywhere. It is now inspiring me to clean up my act, and maybe take photos to at to this site!