Silver prices

Last week I had to make a few changes to my website. Some were changes I really wanted to make, such as finally sorting out the home page - a wee task I had been putting off for a while and then came the change I really didn't want to make and I've been holding off with fingers crossed for the better part of a year. A price increase. About a year ago the price of the silver components I use when making my jewellery more than doubled. I held off the price increase hoping that the price of silver would come down but it hasn't happened yet and I'm told that even if it does it will take a while for this to be reflected in the wholesale cost of components. When the price starts to fall of course I'll reduce my prices too.

I'm offering free delivery on all orders placed via the website.

On a more positive note I have begun work on a new range of brooches. These feature
reproductions of my ink drawings of seedheads from my garden. I'd love to know what you think :)


Unknown said...

I'm glad you've raised your prices - makes complete sense; and I love the allium x Gabs

Unknown said...

also just nominated you for a Lieber blog on mine...think I've done it properly!? x