Vintage Treasure Boxes

I'm very excited to finally be able to show you the first of my new 'Vintage Treasure Boxes' . this piece is 'Holiday memories'. The postcard is original as is the sheet music, the shells and starfish are real and the drawing is my own.

Each piece is presented in a box frame measuring 185mm x 185mm x 44mm deep or 7.3 inches x 7.3 inches x 1.7 inches deep. I have painted them with a durable protective paint in colour 'porcelain'.

I have to admit to finding these difficult to photograph. The glass in the frames creates lots of problems and the depth of the frame creates awkward shadows. But I will persevere and improve!

The fairly dreadful photo below is here just to give an impression of the dimensions.

The long cone shaped shell pictured below has to be the tiniest I have ever seen! I hadn't even realised I had picked it up - it was hidden inside another shell I was cleaning.

If you are interested in my work please email me and your comments are always welcome here!

As you may know I generally work in the evenings and where I can around our children. So today after nursery and playgroup we went for a quick walk around the Tarn. We were lucky enough to see the coots nesting

After a few minutes she had a little wriggle around in her nest and two of her babies took to the water. They looked very young and we felt very privileged to sneak a peep!

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Swirlyarts said...

Oh this is lovely! I've recently started experimenting with mixed media work and I must admit that I love it!