An artist in the making?

This is a drawing my daughter (3 years 1 month) made on her Magna Doodle (magnetic drawing board). She loves drawing, in fact she loves any sort of craft activity.

We always have paper and crayons on hand plus an Aqua Draw set and this Magna Doodle. From being about a year old she has loved making huge scribble patterns on rolls of lining paper.

But this is the first time she has made a recognisable self portrait. Watching this process has been fantastic! Sometimes I draw with her but I never tell her how to draw her pictures.

She was drawing while I made dinner. When I asked her to come to the table she called "I'm coming, I'm just doing my toes!" It was a great surprise when I went to take a look! :)


glitterstar said...

What a great drawing. I love kiddie artwork. Funny.. I just posted about my daughters artwork.

Conscientia's Cameos said...

quite the talented little munchkin you have there! :)