Learning something new...

I really want to learn to crochet. I can knit a bit, and I mean a bit. I don't follow patterns or make garments, I just enjoy the theraputic process, I end up making little squares that I don't do anything with - unless I go all out and make a dish cloth. I do love a knitted dishcloth.
       So the idea of making granny squares really appeals. The idea being I could make a square in an evening and eventually it would be part of a bigger thing, that idea works for me.
        I even have a very talented, patient friend who is willing to teach me. She recently made this amazing scarf, it is so beautiful (photos don't do it justice) and it is in the perfect autumnal colours for me.

Said friend is somewhat evangelical about the delights of crochet -but  I fear she may have met her match in attempting to teach me :/ I can sort of follow when we are sat together but as soon as I'm on my own I can't remember a thing. So for now I will practice making a long row of stitches, occasionally remembering not to stick my tongue out or hunch my shoulders. She tells me I will get it and I believe.

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