Craft Fairs R Us!

Last year I attended a few really good craft fairs, fairs where the organisers believed in the ethos of quality handmade products sold by the maker. I also did several 'events' (I use the term loosely)where the organiser was only interested in taking a stall fee, showing scant regard for the quality of the products on sale and by default contempt for the customer. This was reflected in the number of people who visited and in sales.
But not this year! This year I have chosen more carefully, planned ahead, I have made written applications and waited to be accepted. Because I have made applications in January and February for some fairs that are in November and December maybe I hadn't kept an accurate tally on the number of fairs I've been accepted and paid for. Which is why I now find that I will be peddling my wares at 10, yes 10 events between this Saturday and the 13th December eeeeek!
So this Saturday, the 10th of October I will be at Ilkley Arts Market

I'm really looking forward to this! The organisers are great believers in the craft movement, Ilkley is a lovely place to visit and I will get to catch up with other makers that I haven't seen for a while, and maybe even meet a few more:)

So Ilkley Arts Market, Riddings Hall, The Grove, Ilkley

It would be great if you could make it! Good times....

....and to check out my events diary please click here


Wychbury said...

Oo-er I know what you mean, I have been saying 'yes' to everyone that will have me and becoming a total craft whore!! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and I haven't forgotten Summer's flowers :) pxxxx

Quernus Crafts said...

Great to meet you on Saturday, Leigh - it was a great day! And I so agree with you that it's best to be selective about which craft fairs you attend - I'm trying out a few and getting a feel for what suits me, and I loved the Ilkley Arts Market. See you soon!

Leigh Shepherd said...

The Ilkley Arts Market was a good day! It was lovely to meet other makers, especially those I have seen around Folksy and blogland.