My new packaging

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at ways to 'build my brand' ( I really don't like that term though!). When I sell my jewellery I include an information card with the item which explains to my customers how to care for the piece. Many of the galleries I supply have expressed their appreciation for this.

I wanted to find a way to package my Tiny Tile Paintings that would look appealing when being sold in galleries and at fairs and would stand up to being posted. The tiles have a thick resin finish with embelishments that stand above the surface of the resin, these will need some protection.

So after lots of playing around I came up with these,

I would love to hear what you think about them. Just as I think I have solved one little problem up pops another one! Now I need to come up with something for the series of round Tiny Tile Paintings I have just begun making. I'm thinking about a much narrower band, similar to the ones above or I might try constructing some sort of it's back to playing around for me:)

Lollipop Tree


Swirlyarts said...

The packaging is gorgeous and they look like little posh chocolates! Which is a good thing :) I like the lollipop pendant too

Unknown said...

i think they look very professional and eye catching, i hope they do well.

Dinky Daisy said...

Love the packaging, looks very smart.
By the way you have been tagged rules are on my blog if you want to take part, hope you don't mind..Debs

Nysspoi said...

I love seeing images of people's packaging. What are the little pouches made from?

Leigh Shepherd said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments:)
The little round wall hangings are a new idea, more coming soon!
The little pouches are made from a heavyweight paper - they are very much in the planning stages at the moment. I may well end up going with the paper band/wrap idea yet.


Your packaging is adorable, as is your art, I can vouch for that! :0)

LexieJewel said...

Oh my goodness...these are beautiful!!! I just LOVE these!!! Great work!!!