Mucky Mouth Pie

Early this morning as I sat with a mug of coffee, wandering in blogland while the rain poured down I was wondering what we could all do for the afternoon. Then I visited the H is for Home blog. They had collected bilberries and made a wonderful looking custard tart with them. Moments later on Facebook my friend Paula from the wonderful Wychbury also mentioned that she had collected fruit on Ilkley Moor (yes, we all know the song).
Now as a little girl this is something I loved to do! So we waited for a break in the rain and off we went. We live a stones throw from Penniston Hill which is part of the local moorland - prime bilberry picking land.
It's been a great season for these tiny little berries, the bushes were dripping with them! We only came away when we did because J was eating so many. So with purple stained fingers and soaking wet boots we made our way home.
And I set about making Mucky Mouth Pie. A certain little someone had a great time gathering the fruit and couldn't wait for it to be ready.

And why is it called Mucky Mouth Pie?

There's your answer! The bilberries produce a huge amount of juice when cooked. J was covered and was so pleased to discover that the fruit had turned his tongue blue:)

Mucky Mouth Pie is just the name we have for a bilberry pie. I don't have a recipe as such, my only tip is to sprinkle semolina on the pastry base before adding the fruit and sugar - this helps to stop the pastry getting soggy.

I'll leave the final words to J "Mmmm it's not yuck, it's yum!"


Swirlyarts said...

Mmmmmmmmmm! That looks delicious :) We will be going out soon to the road near us that is about a mile and a half long that has blackberry bushes growing all the way along. We pick hundreds of the things to turn into jam - yum!

Leigh Shepherd said...

Oooh I love blackberrying too! It's a real childhood nostalgia thing for me. This week I'll be making blackcurrant jam with fruit from the garden:)

Beautifully Recreated said...

I too love berries. I picked blackberries also as a child. Also spent many afternoons in a friends mulberry tree staining my face and clothes purple. Your pie looks fabulous. I enjoyed sitting this morning drinking my coffee reading your post. Love that despite the rain you are living kre8ively!!!!

Flossiekat said...

Drool, drool, drool!!! Guess I'll have to go pick some berries too. I can almost taste that pie!

Wychbury said...

nomnomnomnom! :) pxxxx