Paper Cut Book Art

While making my own little 'Art-ccordion Picture Books' I have become quite fascinated by other book creators. I first came across the work of Su Blackwell in Crafts Magaine back in July '08. Her pieces are truly spectacular.

I think you will agree that Su is in a league all of her own. Her pieces are cut and sculpted from single books. While I love the piece above it is Su's journeys into the world of fairy tales that I love the most...

The Wild Swans

The Lake and the Boat

I have my fingers crossed that there will be an exhibition I can visit in the not too distant future.


Ciara Brehony said...

These are stunning! Wow, what a great find! Thanks for sharing!

'fancypicnic' said...

Wow, what a find! Such magnificent work - thanks so much for sharing.

Kate said...

I love Su Blackwell!
You should check out too on the fairytale theme.

Leigh Shepherd said...

Thank you for your comment and the link. I've just taken a peep - her work is stunning!

Leigh x