My current favourite...

I first read about this book on the hermitage blog which is in itself a wonderful read. It's not the type of book I would usually choose but Rima made it sound so appealing I decided to give it a try. At over a thousand pages even if I didn't like it it would make a good doorstop. Its been a lond time since I have enjoyed a book so much. Its completley absorbing and now that I have finished it I miss it. The author's imagination is extraordinary, a really magical magic book. I was a little put off when I read the blurb which mentioned the Napoleonic Wars but it really was enchanting. Thank you Rima.


Wychbury said...

Oooh now Sharon bought Pez that a while back and I've never read it. (I fear I was intimidated by the size too - snigger!). But never one to ignore a testemonial I might give it a go now pxxx

Rima Staines said...

Hello Leigh.. ahh, thanks for the heads up! So glad you enjoyed this book.. isn't it fab.
I too would normally have been put off by the napoleonic wars and the "society" setting... but thoroughly enjoyed it!!
Sending best wishes to you.. I love that art-ccordion book too! :)